National Diversity Educator, Writer, and Leader
CEO of Coopwood Progressive Workshops and Developments
Vice President for Strategic Diversity and Infrastructure with Campus Climate Surveys, LLC

Ken D. Coopwood Sr., or “Dr. Coop,” has excelled rapidly in the fields of diversity education, administration, leadership, and identity development. A diversity educator and trainer since 1992, he has conducted numerous presentations for the benefit of personal identity development, workplace innovation, and global atonement. Coopwood is a nationally known leader noted for hosting a variety of high-energy and fun activities that fuse personal esteem with education and identity awareness. He is a motivator whose efforts have afforded him many honors: one of 12 People to Know in 2012, the Society for Diversity’s Member of the Year in 2014, appointment to the National Advisory Council for The Academic Network, and a Diversity Visionary Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine in 2015.

Coopwood’s diversity service since 1989 has included many leadership and civic roles, including senior-level positions at two Indiana public universities and one in Missouri. He currently leads Coopwood Progressive Workshops and Developments, LLC, in diversity education research and development productions; he also serves as vice president and senior consultant for DiversityWorks, Inc., and vice president for strategic diversity and infrastructure with Campus Climate Surveys, LLC. In addition, he is included on INSIGHT Into Diversity‘s Diversity Professional’s Directory.

Prior to those roles, Coopwood served at a midwestern institution where he was the first African American to hold a senior position. While there, he successfully launched the university’s Division for Diversity and Inclusion and created the first Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference and state chapter of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE). These efforts and more led the campus to receive its first national award for diversity excellence.

He has brought transformative impact to numerous youth development, professional, and government agencies engaged in identity constructs as a means for effective change. He is a certified diversity executive, creative problem solver, adaptation innovation consultant, diversity return-on-investment professional, and brain dominance instrument consultant. Coopwood has also conducted research using intercultural sensitivity constructs and has authored four books on diversity issues for youth. Additionally, he has written for several national publications, including INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Coopwood has served on several local and national boards, including as co-chair of the Indian Parenting Institute, Dream Team chair for the American Red Cross, co-chair of Professional Development and conference planning member for NADOHE, and member of Sister Cities International Association, where he worked to build connections between Tlaquepaque, Mexico, and Isesaki, Japan. He currently serves on the Editorial Board for INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

He believes that diversity management is a prerequisite for effective change and that knowledge of people (cultural, psychological, and spiritual aspects) is often absent when structural change is being implemented. Coopwood asserts that people are often more interested in their personal perceptions of others as opposed to the personal realities of others.

Coopwood’s beliefs and educational philosophy are expressed best in his quote:

“In a nation where speculations of money, health, poverty and policy rank supreme in the conscience of the public mind, the most tragic and destructive display of human judgment is still that which conceals the absolute truth of a people.”