Viewfinder® Surveys

Each Viewfinder® Campus Climate Survey includes:

●  Survey administration by Campus Climate Surveys, LLC*
●  PDF of survey to review and submit survey question changes, additions and deletions
●  Custom welcome email invitation sent to potential survey participants
●  Reminder emails sent to complete survey and/or take survey
●  Interim summary reports in PDF format during the survey period
●  Final Summary Report in PDF format at end of survey period
●  Raw data in SPSS and/or XLS format
●  Option to offer incentives for survey participants
●  Three-year Survey Use Agreement
●  No hidden fees
●  Question-skip logic
●  English and Spanish (additional fees apply for Spanish)

*SurveyMonkey, Inc., the platform used by Campus Climate Surveys, LLC to administer Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys, certifies on their website that their survey designs are Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliant. Most screen readers including NVDA, JAWs and Apple VoiceOver will accommodate people with disabilities.

Viewfinder® Survey
Spanish Version +$995
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Viewfinder® Survey
Spanish Version +$995
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Viewfinder® Survey
Spanish Version +$995
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Viewfinder® Survey
Spanish Version +995
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Combination Viewfinder® Survey
Spanish Version +$995
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Health Professions Viewfinder® Survey
Spanish Version +$995
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Viewfinder® Custom Reports

Doing a climate study is only the first step in finding potential problems and issues that can affect current and future recruitment and retention of students and employees.  We are aware that many colleges and universities don’t have the human and/or financial resources to chart Viewfinder survey results, the second step towards making impactful changes towards campus diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Therefore, Campus Climate Surveys, LLC also provides several data report options to choose from. These reports can be purchased post survey administration based on your needs.

Interim Summary Data Reports – FREE

These reports are sent to you each week during the survey open period and include a summary of the data for each survey question. We recommend using these reports to determine which if any groups have not participated to date in the survey and reaching out to those constituents. This report also may give you some insight into what people are saying! Click here to view a sample report.

Final Summary Data Reports – FREE

This report is sent to you after the close of your survey(s) and includes the same information as the interim summary data report. In addition, we also send the raw data and you may choose to have your school prepare quantitative reports. Click here to view a sample report.

Custom Report With Selected Filters – $175 each

You may be interested in filtering your survey results. We can do this for you for any question in each survey.  For example, you may be interested in the following detailed information:

● As a student of color, have you experienced/witnessed any of the following while at our institution? Click here to view a sample report.

● Based on the number of years that faculty have been employed at your school, how many feel like there may be pay disparities? Click here to view a sample report.

Benchmark Data Report – $1,195 each

Click here to view a sample report.

Custom Comparison Data Report – Starts at $2,950

This report includes a comparison of all constituent groups you surveyed. We determine the questions from each survey you purchased that are the same or similar. We chart the results so you can compare how each group responds to the same question in order to compare viewpoints. Pricing for this report is determined by the number of constituent groups and the number of questions included in the report. Click here to view a sample report.