“Viewfinder® helped our university have one cohesive voice on climate. Viewfinder® survey administrators were amazing to work with. They supported our team with tailoring the survey to mirror our University’s cultural footprint.”

— Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Kansas State University


“The Viewfinder® team made an already time-consuming process more manageable. The team was readily accessible when we had questions, offered many resources and discussed best practices to help us develop a good final product for our campus. Their support with survey templates, the survey editing process, and survey distribution saved us several hours and helped us to streamline this important process.”

— Executive Director, Multicultural Affair & Inclusive Excellence, Arkansas State University


“Viewfinder® was great to work with, accommodated all of our requests, and looked for ways to add value to our survey process. Having a third party implement and monitor our campus-wide diversity survey made it possible for Utah State University to do our survey on a short timeline and collect meaningful data for our strategic plan.”

— Director of Crisis Communications and Issues Management, Utah State University


“Viewfinder® helped facilitate the first ever Diversity and Inclusion Climate Survey for all employees and students of Santa Rosa Junior College. They provided excellent customer service and outstanding support throughout and after the survey. The survey provided an opportunity for all constituent groups to provide feedback to the District anonymously. Results are aiding in decisions around developing our future trainings/programs/process improvements in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

— Santa Rosa Junior College


“Thank you for administering this survey. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You have truly been a blessing to us at Hilbert College and we are forever grateful. This information will put on us on the right path to ensure we are adequately supporting our students.”

— Hilbert College


“Strengths considered by the workgroup were the thorough definitions of climate terms throughout the surveys, making it easier for participants to understand the questions being asked, a unique bank of questions around safety and campus police, and that the Viewfinder® surveys were recently administered to five other CSU campuses making the survey ideal for benchmarking. The instruments also aligned well with the Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan overall. The workgroup concluded that from the three faculty survey options reviewed by the committee, the Viewfinder” instruments addressed the most holistic view of campus climate in comparison to the HERI Staff Climate Survey and HEDS.”

— California State University San Marcos


What are Viewfinder survey respondents saying?

“I am glad that this survey was made and encouraged. I think diversity is an important and vital issue to address and consider on our campus. Thank you for making this a priority.”
— Student 

“This was a great survey. The more we know, the more we can aid in providing peaceful and inclusive change for all.”
— Student 

“It made me feel like our university cares about diversity and inclusion, and that’s important to me.”
— Faculty Member

“Thank you for putting this survey together. I appreciate being part of a team that cares and desires feedback from each employee.”
— Staff Member

“I’m glad that this survey was created so that important issues could be addressed.”
— Student 

“Great survey and I believe it covered a lot of areas of concern.”
— Student 

“This is one of the best designed surveys I’ve taken in a long time.”
— Faculty Member

“I think this survey was very well done! It asked a lot of great questions and ones that made me think about our school in a different light.”
— Staff Member

“Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the student body about these questions.”
— Student 

“So glad that I’m finally able to express my opinion honestly and in a safe place. Change desperately needs to happen on this campus.”
— Student 

“Perhaps some positive changes can occur through the campus climate survey.”
— Faculty Member

“Thank you! My hope is this type of survey will become a regular practice for our campus.”
— Staff Member

“This survey is very much needed. I hope diversity becomes a recognizable part of campus life and inclusion.”
— Student 

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