Viewfinder® testimonials

What is Viewfinder®?

Viewfinder® is a campus climate survey instrument that measures the extent to which diversity and inclusion play an integral role within the infrastructure of your college campus. The surveys extract why your campus may or may not be welcoming to people from diverse populations; why your institutional policies and processes assist or resist the needs of students, administrators, faculty, and staff; and why admissions and hiring practices that are in place either ensure diversity among students and employees or don’t. Viewfinder® innovatively helps you identify structural glitches and more by utilizing inquiry aligned with criteria and standards found in higher education accreditation agencies. By providing information and data about what causes student and employee perceptions, Viewfinder® surveys deliver like no other research instrument.

How are Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys different from other survey instruments?

Viewfinder® is comprehensive and affordable. We dig deep to assess matters of access, equity, and inclusion across all populations. No other campus climate survey enables you to gather the meaningful data required to make impactful change on your campus. Unlike other campus climate surveys, Viewfinder® doesn’t ask “What is wrong?” but, more important, “Why is improvement needed?” The result is increased potential to make fixes and implement changes that make your campus truly diverse and inclusive.

Have Viewfinder® Surveys been validated for reliability?

Yes. The reliability of Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys was tested using Cronbach’s alpha — a measure of internal consistency that assesses how closely related a set of items are as a group. Our surveys were vetted by accrediting agencies and universities via beta testing. Items related to the core campus infrastructures were assessed and analyzed using statistical software.

This analysis is a function of the number of items and the average inter-correlation among them and sets of items with alphas over .70 were retained. Reliability was strong (over .80) for each of the infrastructures examined. Thus, the Viewfinder® reliability measure of its survey questions provides the degree to which reviewers consistently agreed that the question correlated to a systemic behavior/trait, many of which are required for accreditation by respective higher education agencies.

Factor analyses were also conducted on each infrastructure area to identify the relationships between items and their groupings to ensure that individual items within a section of questions measured the same concept. For these infrastructure areas, items were retained if their communality was above .60. Eigenvalues (the variance in all the items that is accounted for by that factor) and % variance explained (the amount of variance explained by the factor) for each infrastructure area was analyzed.*

Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys are also designed to be internally consistent, which refers to the degree different questions or statements correlate to the same systemic behavior/trait (Mora, 2011).

*Descriptions of this test come from Andy Field’s textbook Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (3rd Ed). 2009, SAGE, Thousand Oaks CA.

Is Viewfinder® available in other languages?

Yes. All Viewfinder® surveys are available in Spanish for an additional fee.

How long should each Viewfinder® Survey take to complete?

Our surveys include a feature called Question Logic. Several sections begin with a “yes” or “no” response and when a respondent selects “no,” the survey skips to the next section. This reduces the number of sections/questions in the survey to only those that apply to each individual. The surveys have been tested with an average time to completion of 10-15 minutes.

Can modifications be made to Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys?

Yes. We allow unlimited question modifications in order to customize our surveys for your campus. There are no additional fees for these changes or for multiple rounds of edits. Our surveys have been tested using an extensive reliability process by an outside researcher, therefore, any modifications may affect the reliability of your survey data and the effectiveness of your climate study.

How does Campus Climate Surveys, LLC ensure that respondents are only able to take the survey one time?

Your institution gives us a data file of email addresses (in CSV format) of potential survey takers.  We will send a unique link to each email address in a custom welcome email when the survey administration period opens.  SurveyMonkey allows only one response for each email address. If someone does attempt to take the survey again, they will receive an error message. In addition, we send periodic reminder emails during the survey period to those email addresses who have not yet taken or completed the survey. There is no additional charge for these services.

How often should colleges administer Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys?

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) recommends that campus climate surveys be administered every two to three years. Each Viewfinder® survey carries a three-year Survey Use Agreement.

Should I purchase individual employee surveys or the combined survey for faculty, staff, and administrators?

Things to consider:

● Whether or not you want to survey all three employee groups at the same time.

● Purchasing individual surveys allows for easier customization. We allow unlimited question modifications, therefore, you may want to add/delete or change the survey questions for each group. This can only be done on the individual surveys. You may also want to add an incentive for respondents in only one employee group.

● For reporting purposes, you will be able to drill down your data results much easier and much deeper with the individual surveys.

● We usually recommend only using the combined surveys for smaller institutions and/or those on a smaller budget.

Do Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys use inquiry that can be used in the accreditation process?

Yes. We have extracted portions of standards from several higher education accrediting organizations to demonstrate how institutions of higher education should examine their infrastructure. This often affects campus climates and achievement of diversity-related accreditation criteria. The information extracted was carefully considered in terms of meeting standards around accountability, resource allocation, and impact on community behaviors and perceptions of campus success. Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys capture the essence of these standards through strategic inquiry to students, faculty, staff and administrators. Use of our surveys will help provide a more accurate snapshot of current campus climate conditions, as well as illuminate and link infrastructures to policy and practice underpinnings that improve an institution’s ability to warm its climate from its present state.

Do Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys include any data reports?

Each Viewfinder® Campus Climate Survey includes weekly data summary reports. It’s imperative that you ensure that all campus groups are responding to your survey and these reports will identify where any additional outreach might be necessary. We include a final data summary report in PDF format and the raw data in two formats (Excel and SPSS) after the survey closes. We also offer Custom Climate Survey Reports for purchase. Click here for more information.

Are Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliant?

Yes. SurveyMonkey, Inc., the platform used by Campus Climate Surveys, LLC to administer Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys, certifies on their website that their survey designs are Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliant.  Most screen readers including NVDA, JAWs and Apple VoiceOver will accommodate people with disabilities.

Why did INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine create Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys?

We are committed, just like you, to ensuring that all students and employees on college campuses have the opportunity to live, learn, and work in a supportive, respectful, safe, and welcoming environment. Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys are priced to fit in every institution of higher education’s budget.

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